How Disney Plus Changed Its Age Restriction Policy

22. Dezember 2022 Aus Von admin

Disney Plus launched in November of 2019. It offers an impressive selection of movies as well as TV shows as well as exclusive programming that comes from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more. Over the course of the one year Disney Plus has implemented some modifications to its age-restricted policy, which requires users to upgrade their settings to remain on the streaming service. This article will review how the age restrictions policy has changed as well as the changes implemented, the advantages and drawbacks and how you can adjust your restrictions on age.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is streaming service that includes television shows, movies, as well as special content by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more. It was launched in November 2019 and has since grown to include millions of users. The streaming service provides diverse content that is suitable for everyone, such as children-friendly TV shows and movies as well as more mature adult content.

What Was the Previous Age Restriction Policy?

Prior to the change in the policy on age restrictions, Disney Plus had a one age restriction setting that was set to the equivalent to one R rating. This meant that only people over the age of 17 could access every content available on the streaming platform, regardless of the rating.

What Are the Changes to the Age Restriction?

Disney Plus recently changed its age-restriction policy, allowing users to select from three age limits that include Teens, Kids, and Adult. Its Kids restrictions are equivalent to the G rating, which means that only content that is appropriate for children is available. The restriction for teens corresponds to a rating of PG-13, which means that content with adult themes is available. This Adult limitation on the age of viewers is comparable to an R-rated rating. This means that only adults are able to be able to access content.

Benefits of the Age Restriction Change

The new age restriction policy comes with a number of advantages. It allows parents to modify the content their children are able to access, making sure that they only see content appropriate for their age. Additionally, it permits adult users to view content which otherwise would be restricted by the single age-restricted policy. In addition, it permits users to select the restriction on age which best suits their requirements, meaning they have access to the content they desire without worrying about content that is inappropriate.

Drawbacks of the Age Restriction Change

There are a few disadvantages with the new age-restriction policy. It is the first one that will require users to manually alter the age restriction settings, which is time-consuming. Additionally, certain content could be blocked even though it’s appropriate for the restriction. Also, age limits aren’t always true, as certain content might be blocked when it’s appropriate for the specific age limit.

How to Adjust Your Age Restriction Settings

Modifying your restrictions on age is easy. Log in first into Your Disney Plus account. Next, visit the Settings page and choose“Age Restriction option. Then, you will be able choose three age limits such as Teens, Kids or Adult. After selecting the age limit you want to be then click Save to save your modifications.


Disney Plus recently changed its age restriction policy. It now allows users to select between three different age limits that include Teens, Kids, and Adult. The new policy has many advantages, including the ability for parents to decide what content their children access and allowing adults access content that might otherwise be restricted. However there are some disadvantages of the new age restriction policy, such as the requirement for users to manually alter your age restrictions. Additionally, it means that certain types of content can be blocked even though it’s suitable to the age restriction you have selected. If you’d like to alter the settings for your age restriction, you can do this by logging into Your Disney Plus account and selecting the Age Restriction option on the Settings page.