Sandbox Blockchain Game Warns of Phishing Email After Security Breach

• Blockchain-based game The Sandbox has warned its users of a phishing email sent as a result of a security breach.
• An unauthorized third party had gained access to an employee’s computer and sent out the malicious email that contained links to malware.
• The firm said it had notified all recipients by email, and reset compromised passwords on the employee’s account.

Security Breach at The SandBox

The blockchain-based game The Sandbox recently experienced a security breach where an unauthorized third party had gained access to an employee’s computer. This gave them the ability to send out a false email with links to malware in order to gain access to personal information from those who clicked on them.

Phishing Email Sent Out

The malicious email was titled “The Sandbox Game (PURELAND) Access” and was sent out to some users before The Sandbox became aware of the security breach. They immediately contacted all recipients by email and reset any compromised passwords on the employee’s account.

Previous Security Breaches

This is not the first time that The Sandbox has been subject to high-value phishing scams in recent months. A scammer called Monkey Drainer managed to steal around $1.8 million worth of crypto NFTs across two hacks late last year which demonstrated how vulnerable online gaming systems can be if proper precautions are not taken against these kinds of attacks.

Protection Against Future Attacks

In order for gamers using online platforms such as these from being victims of similar attacks, it is important for companies like The Sandbox to take extra measures in order to protect their user’s data and financial assets from further attacks or breaches in the future.


Overall, it is important for any company dealing with digital assets or cryptocurrencies should always ensure that they are taking steps towards protecting their customers’ data by implementing additional safety measures when necessary – especially when it comes down preventing any form of cybercrime or theft within their systems where large sums of money could potentially be at stake!

3. März 2023